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About Me

My practice is all about helping folks heal holistically through nutrition.  Many of my clients have a serious history of dieting and general body dissatisfaction and I shed the light on a healthy approach to nutrition and lifestyle recommendations while we work together on embracing intuitive eating principles and health goals.  Besides an increase in energy throughout their days, better sleep and vitality, we learn what foods bring healing, satiety and satisfaction.  We are not one-size-fits all and have many gloriously unique attributes, so our nutritional needs are just as unique.  Individualized nutrition plans and lifestyle recommendations made just for you.

Hi There, I’m Nikki

Starting out on any new health endeavor can be so difficult.  I get it.  I started and stopped for years and did probably almost every diet or plan out there to lose weight.  I lost and gained and I felt like I could never stop the cycle and just be me.  I felt like I knew what I should do, but was powerless to help myself and my family.  My searching a few years ago led me to find the Nutritional Therapy Association and Intuitive Eating.

Becoming an Intuitive Eating counselor helped me step away from this “thin ideal” and “goal weight” mentality and simply relax into the present of who I am instead of wishing to be a thinner me.  Relinquishing that gave me such a breath of freedom!  How long has it been since you’ve eaten something without guilt and self condemnation?  Have you just given yourself permission to eat?  How about time to figure out what foods work for your body and bring health and which ones break it down?  This is where freedom lives.

Along with Intuitive Eating, I went back to school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  My mission is to help people break free of diet culture and embrace healing from the inside out with nutrition and wellness practices tailored for unique needs.  Helping women of all ages see how it feels to eat nourishing foods and give their bodies what they’ve been crying out for allows blood sugar to regulate, hormone production and weight to stabilize, sleep to improve and vitality to reign.

What I Offer

Private Consultations

I usually set up to work with clients a minimum of 3 months because we work through your main health concerns and walk through steps that take time for healing mentally and in your body.  Healing takes time.  I’m with you every step of the way and together we shift nutrition and lifestyle practices to suit your unique needs.

Group Classes

If you’d rather try one of my group classes, I lead a RESTART group every 2 months with my next group starting the end of June, 2022.  My group classes run 5 weeks where we meet online and I email you materials to jump start your health in a positive way.  These can help folks struggling with afternoon energy slumps, digestion troubles, hormone issues, sleep issues and more.  Group classes are a great way to dip your toe in if you’re not ready for the one-on-one work.


Self-Paced Online Course

I’m working on a self-paced course currently; stay tuned!

Book your free consultation

A 15-minute phone call to tell me your story and to see how what I offer can help you.  Quick and easy.

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