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My Services

Complimentary Health Evaluation

This informative and free 15-minute call is the first step. It allows us to discuss your current health challenges and goals and to determine whether nutritional therapy is right for you.

To request your Complimentary Health Evaluation, simply reach out to me through my bookings page.  

Individual Sessions

Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

All services begin with this 60-minute initial interview where we address your health concerns, medical/family history, current medications, detailed symptom information, assessment results, and food journal. Future sessions are where we work together to design a personalized dietary and lifestyle protocol that addresses your health concerns and move you toward your health goals.


Recommendations Visit and Follow up Sessions

In our recommendations visit, we’ll look at the results of your 300+ question Nutritional Assessment Questionnare (NAQ), your Food and Mood Journal and Initial Interview Paperwork.  We’ll embrace long term goals and actions steps to get you there along with recommendations tailored just for you to propel you toward your goals.


Our Follow Up sessions will look at your progress and how your current recommendations are working for you, make tweaks and changes in your nutrition plan and lifestyle protocols if needed or come up with new goals if you’re ready for more!


Comprehensive Programs

These programs allow us to work together more intensively to help you make forward, focused progress toward your health goals. 

3-Month Package


Folks seeking help with digestion, blood sugar regulation, immune support and endocrine support. 


This 3-month program is designed to optimize health through personalized nutrition protocols and guidance for creating a non-toxic home environment. We will identify and create a plan for addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies to strengthen your digestion and nutritient absorption to improve digestion, blood sugar regulation, and help support endocrine and immune health.

This package includes the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation, a Recommendations Visit and weekly follow up sessions, as well as phone and email support.



Folks who want a healthy way to jump in to gaining strides in their health in a group setting.  


This five-week program will walk you through videos and materials that will help you with real food, real learning and support.  Resources will be emailed to you throughout the program.  In Week 1 you’ll learn how to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox.  In Week 2 we’ll begin checking in with DIGESTION and learning about that process and how to improve absorption of the nutrients you eat.  In Week 3 we’ll learn about SUGAR and it’s affects on our bodies & how our bodily systems deal with sugar.  In week 4 we’ll dive into the truth about FATS and their importance in many of our body’s systems and energy regulation.  Week 5 is all about CELEBRATING your success and moving forward!


Have a question? Reach out!

Don’t be shy!  I love questions and feel like the information and education can go both ways.  If you have questions about working with me, my programs, philosophy or my story, you’re in the right place!



“I feel so much better and have more energy in the afternoons than I have had in a long time.  Finally eating food that I know nourishes my body and doesn’t hurt hours later!”


“I never knew how important fat was to incorporate into my meals!  I have so much more energy!  I no longer have an afternoon slump at all.”


“I have a very challenging job and work long hours.  My health was the last priority for so long.  I no longer have terrible acid reflux and am so thankful for steady guidance and encouragement.  I now make the time to take nourishing foods for my long shifts and actually have energy leftover after a long day to get outside and walk my dog!”


“I felt like my health was the only thing I couldn’t get a handle on with a full life, wonderful family, great job; I never felt like I could get where I’d like to be health-wise.  Struggling with the same issues and having a plan made just for me gave me the leg up I needed!”


“The hardest part for me was putting together meal plans that helped me reach my health goals that my family also enjoyed.  Nikki helped me every step of the way with great resources and support.  Now I feel confident and enjoy putting together meals that help me feel better that my kids and hubby love.”


“I struggled with not sleeping well and energy crashes throughout my day.  Nikki helped me by looking at my stressors and starting small.  I have been on so many elimination diets and feel like a nutrition plan tailored just for me has helped me in so many ways.  Sleep is priority now and getting outside for a walk a few times a day along with deep breathing exercises has made such a difference!”


Do you do in person appointments, or online?

Both!  It really depends on the feasibility of travel.  I love online with video to meet clients, but also in person works too.

How do you feel about weight loss being a primary client’s goal?

We’ve all been there.  However, from what I’ve learned from myself and clients is that dieting for weight loss or calorie deficit regimes don’t work for the long term and the gains and losses can do more harm than good.  I counsel gentle nutrition with nutrient dense foods that heal and revitalize.  I believe there is so much more to a person’s health than weight and when you feed your body what it needs, weight will stabilize.

Will I have to count calories or track my food?

Nope.  We work with giving your body the foods it needs to stabilize energy levels and help you feel satisfied.  I like to have clients fill out a Food & Mood journal before I do an initial consultation to get an idea of typical days for you, but if it’s triggering, we can come up with a different method.  The only time I’d ask you to track foods you eat is if your health concerns possibly center around food sensitivities.

Do you work with kids and teenagers?

Having my own children and seeing the pull of diet culture on them along with body dissatisfaction makes me a passionate advocate for helping young people figure out nutrition that works for their bodies.

Do you allow monthly payments for a program?

Absolutely.  Check out the options on my booking page.

How will I ever have time for this?

You know what?  In my experience, we make time for what’s important to us.  Be it family, job, planting and maintaining a magnificent garden or whatever.  Your health and getting to a place where you can show up in your strongest and healthiest place to truly interact and play with your kids, getting out of your own head and doing the work is worth it.  Call it an investment you won’t regret.  Your pace, you are in control and progress is up to you.  Count me as your biggest fan and we’ll get it done together.

Book Your Free Consultation

I get it.  You want to be able to do this on your own.  Maybe you think you know all the things your need to be doing and just following through is a challenge.  I’d love to hear your story and listen to what you want to build and your dreams of health.  A free consultation will help us both to know if together we have the tools to persevere.

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